About Artist


SarazanI have studied art at Edinburg College of Art, graduated with honors degree in painting and drawing. From the first year in College I was very much interested in surrealist style of painting. My first paintings were mainly of large format up to two square meters, surreal figurative paintings with multiple perspectives. I would virtually feel whole canvas with distorted images of people and objects. I was drawing inspiration for my painting from the busy life on the streets of Edinburg.

With time I have developed and my interests changed and have I decided to replace figurative art with scenes of old town buildings and street scenes. As a result images of French and Italian cafes, restaurants, narrow streets and back alleys have replaced figurative art in my paintings. I have been working with surreal multi perspective paintings up till recently. I have to say it is a very challenging and difficult process of painting and it is a time consuming, but I love it and especially when I have managed to create successful painting. In order to create successful composition on the painting I would often have had to use up to ten street scene images. All elements on the canvas have to be linked with each other harmoniously in order to create one single image as a whole. Images start to grow on the canvas in different directions and each one often would have its own perspective. It is quite long process to complete one painting and often I had to make a lot of changes to original idea and repaint some parts several times.

Quite often I thought that it would have been interesting to paint separately every image I have used as a separate painting so the viewer can see what it is made of, and to show all those smaller size paintings along side with main one. It had never happened, as soon as one painting finished I start new one and was no time in between. With time I have accumulated a large number of sketches, images of landscape and cityscape of France, Italy, Spain, Greece witch I have used them as source for my multi perspective paintings. I have decided that if I ever want to see all of those sketches to be transformed in to paintings I have to start painting small, so it would be faster , it sounded as an interesting project to paint places I have visited.